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4 quick hotel social media strategies to jumpstart your brand online

Hospitality is an industry often perceived as being deeply entrenched in traditional marketing and advertising, so it's no surprise that many hoteliers have been slow to see value in social media marketing for hotels.

At L.E.T. Group, our job of providing Internet marketing solutions in the hospitality industry begins by showing how heavily consumers rely on the Internet for information. This has transformed social media into a necessity for driving visitors to your hotel's website.

You only need to look at the growing influence sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor have on hospitality consumers. It proves something we have told our clients repeatedly: hoteliers cannot afford not to engage their audience on social media.

L.E.T. Group created this post to detail quick and basic recommendations for success - any hotel owner or manager can apply these suggestions to their own social media marketing campaigns:

1. Encourage reviews on Yelp and TripAdvisor

In the hospitality industry, we know that online customer reviews can make or break a hotel's reputation. More and more guests are increasingly sharing their experiences on sites like TripAdvisor and Yelp, and each review has an immeasurable impact on your image.

The simplest way to encourage reviews is to just ask your current and previous guests. Your customers already understand the importance of reviews, so most of them will be happy to oblige your request.

It also helps to make reviewing easy. You can start by placing links to your review profiles on Yelp and TripAdvisor on your social media posts, your landing pages, in your newsletter and in follow-up emails.

2. Offer promotions for social media check-ins

Another way to help generate reviews is to encourage guests to check in to your hotel on sites like Instagram and Facebook. Each time one of your guests checks in on Facebook, your hotel's name is displayed for their friends to see; that is the kind of exposure money cannot buy.

You can boost check-ins by offering these incentives:

Reduced rates on select offerings in one of the hotel's restaurants
Free merchandise for check-ins
A free room, room upgrade or meal for a certain number of user check-ins

3. Use in-depth content to educate customers about your amenities and services

At L.E.T. Group, our social media marketing solutions are focused on defining an online experience for your customers. Part of doing that is educating your potential guests about the amenities and services your hotel offers, using in-depth and engaging content.

Our content strategy involves more than just a quick rundown of your services and amenities. We leverage guest experiences to tell stories from their perspective, and highlight the great lengths to which your hotel goes to offer an outstanding experience.

4. Respond to customer concerns and queries on social media

Although not technically a marketing strategy, it is important to understand that social media is also a customer service platform - a fact hotels need to grasp to maximize its potential.

Active engagement is a core tenet of L.E.T. Group's social media marketing campaigns, and this involves reaching out to consumers who have turned Facebook and Twitter into platforms for voicing their questions and finding answers. This also means that your hotel's marketing and customer service departments need to work actively to respond to these customers.


To learn more about our social media marketing solutions for the hospitality industry, schedule a consultation with the L.E.T. Group. Request a proposal today to get started!