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Four Best Practices For Using Video on Your Website To Increase Sales

Did you know that almost half of Internet users will consume video content before visiting a business? Video content allows you to reach out to the consumers who are primarily visual learners and to the ones who only have a few seconds to consume content. In this post, we detail four best practices for using video on your website to increase sales.

Deliver Value with Video

There are kinds of value when it comes to video:

  • Information value for the viewer
  • Production value for the video

Consumers want videos that deliver information. Three out of four consumers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it. Set a specific goal for each piece of video content, such as answering a question, increasing brand awareness or telling visitors about a special offer.

Production value matters because it impacts the way people perceive your brand. For instance, a hotel website that features a drone video showing the hotel and its amenities from above will get a much bigger reaction from Internet users versus a video that just features a slideshow with static pictures of the rooms and a list of amenities.

Drone Video Footage is Perfect for Hotels and Other Businesses
Drone video gets a bigger and better reaction. Photo courtesy of Mitch Nielsen

Offer a good experience

Just like with everything else on your website, your video content should be pleasant to consume. Avoid loud music, make sure the sound level is well balanced throughout the entire video and stay away from videos that auto-play when someone visits your page.

Additionally, because the average U.S. consumer spends 87 hours a month browsing the Internet on his/her phone, you have to assume that a significant percentage of your visitors will be using smartphones and tablets. Optimize your videos for these devices by avoiding Flash-based content. Choose formats adapted to smaller screens and look for an efficient hosting solution such as YouTube or Vimeo so videos buffer and play quickly.

Address the attention span problem

This is a main challenge that Internet marketers face. Internet users tend to skim through content, and this applies to videos with one fifth of viewers clicking away after ten seconds.

Keep your videos short. Two-thirds of Internet users prefer videos that do not exceed 60 seconds. This gives you plenty of time to tell your story and deliver a message, but each video should have a specific goal.

Incorporate your videos in your sales funnel

Don't use a general video created to raise brand awareness if viewers already know about your business. Make sure people will find more video content as they progress through the sales funnel and want to find out more about your products and services. Also, don't forget that you can use videos to establish yourself as an expert in your niche by answering questions, providing solutions to problems and creating video tutorials.

Adding video content to your website will likely boost conversion rates if your videos really tell a compelling story and help move prospects along within your sales funnel. Use the four tactics mentioned in this blog post to assure it's done correctly.

L.E.T. Group offers customized video marketing solutions and can create great videos for your business. Submit a RFP to get the conversation started today!