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L.E.T. Group Upgrades to Amazon Web Services (AWS) for Hosting

Our server migration to Amazon Web Services (AWS) is complete, and it was a big success. We want to personally thank all our customers for their assistance in helping us. This critical move would not have been possible if you did not stop during your busy work day to change your website address settings.

As you can imagine, this move was no small undertaking. We have been using the same hosting facility for many, many years. Although they did a good job, we knew it was time to make the move to ensure that our websites and servers are the best available anywhere. The stability and scalability of AWS makes this possible for many years to come.

I would also like to thank our team for their hard work, and personally single out Brenner Vasconcelos. He spent the last six months on the architecture, setup of the new state of the art server infrastructure, and countless hours planning this migration. This would not have been possible or gone so smoothly without his efforts.

Now that we are moved, we are already planning new enhancements to our hosting services. We will keep you posted with our progress.

Thank you for your business,

Kent H. Tewell, Founder
L.E.T. Group |