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Search Engine Pay Per Click Marketing Generates Guaranteed Visibility, Traffic & Trackable Revenue

Pay Per Click is one of the best ways to reach new clients online. If you’re new to Pay Per Click (or PPC), it allows you to market your business on the search engines and pay just a small fee each time an ad is clicked. It’s a smart and cost-effective way to “buy” website visits versus earning them in the non-paid, organic search engine results. L.E.T. Group’s PPC platform is as powerful as they come and it’s very easy to get started. Take a look at some of the key features below.

Easily advertise on 98% of Search Engines from one platform.

  • Includes Google Adwords, Yahoo!, AOL, Bing, Google Maps listings and®.
  • Platform automatically generates a large targeted keyword list.
  • Pay a one-time click charge when customers click on your campaign ad.
  • The platform spreads your monthly budget over the entire month.

Track every lead. Listen to actual phone calls.

  • Learn exactly how many ad impressions, clicks, calls, emails and confirmed reservations you receive.
  • Reporting is available to you 24 - 7.
  • Listen to the actual phone calls generated from the campaign ad.
  • Hassle-free tracking numbers created automatically. No campaign website changes needed.

Campaign is automatically optimized.

  • Unique patent-pending technology intelligently manages your campaign daily.
  • Preference is given to keywords that produce calls and emails.
  • Your campaign continuously performs better.

Simple pricing.

  • No charge for PPC campaign set up.
  • No charge for the campaign reporting.
  • Minimum Budget is $500 for a national campaign.
  • Budget recommendation report available for suggested top placement.
  • NOTE: A larger budget will have higher ad placement, visibility and traffic. Prices per keyword phrase vary based on the popularity of the word, and how many other advertisers are bidding for that same keyword term.
It’s a great time to start a PPC campaign with L.E.T. Group’s help.
Request a proposal today to get started!