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Tips For Improving Your Google Ranking

Because Google utilizes many variables to rank pages, improving your position in search results is sometimes challenging. Luckily, there are several options available. The tips in this post will get customers to your website by improving your local rankings on Google.

Keyword phrases

Keyword phrases are an excellent place to start. Research keywords in your niche to determine which resonate most clearly with your customers. For example, a plumber will use general words, like "plumbing" and "sewer," but should also feature more specific phrasings, like "grease traps," "garbage disposals," and "clogged drains."

Then, naturally insert those words throughout your website and content. Make sure to avoid keyword stuffing as this will lower your site's ranking in search engine results. If you need ideas for keywords, Google Trends is a good place to start.


Citations work much like link building. Some citation examples are a company name, phone number, or address. They help build your business as an authority and your website's credibility as a resource.

A couple tools to use for this purpose are Moz and Yext (and you can learn more about our offering that helps citations via online listing management here). These tactics can help increase the data available on your local business that websites like Facebook, Bing, Google Maps, Apple Maps, and many others pull from...and it can be a massive boost to your local SEO.


Focusing on mobility is also a key factor in improving your Google local ranking. Nearly half of consumers access the web on the go. As a result, Google wants to boost local businesses who have clean and easy-to-use websites that are compatible with mobile devices. For example, mobile sites should allow customers to easily view content without requiring zooms to read text.


Believe it or not, customer reviews are also a factor when it comes to local ranking for a business. Since consumers tend to trust companies with reviews more so than those without them, Google tends to prefer business websites that maintain transparency. An easy way to get started is to encourage your customers to leave reviews after any transaction.

Make the process as simple as possible by collecting their email and following up with links where they can leave you a review, for example, on Yelp or Google. Your business website could also feature a page that links to review websites that need to be targeted. Some companies even offer discounts, coupons, and rewards for customers who leave reviews.


This almost goes without saying, but consistency is crucial on the internet. Keep your company's data up to date and consistent throughout your online listings and website. Providing accurate, valuable information is something Google algorithms search for when ranking pages. Failing to have consistent hours, physical address, and other business information is also confusing for potential customers. You usually only get one chance to get their business...make it count!

Also, make sure your website content is consistent. For example, a carpet company might run into trouble by offering a tip to use vinegar to clean carpet in one blog post, but going on to say it could damage carpet in another. Consistency is key.


Finally, add tags to any piece of content or image you post to the website. These tags give a snapshot of what the content is all about so Google search engines can quickly place it where it needs to be. For example, in an article with images and content regarding landscaping, potential tags might be "garden," "furniture," "outdoor kitchen," "turf," "plants," or "lawn mower."

Without these tags, search engines will have a harder time determining where your content and site should rank, which could affect your ability to draw in customers. Tags allow search engines to quickly see what your content is all about.

L.E.T. Group Can Help!

Your search result ranking is vital in connecting your business to new customers. It also helps current clients foster a stronger relationship with you. We help by factoring all of this into our powerful online marketing strategies. Use the "Submit A RFP" button below, and let's get started today!