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Wordpress Website Pros and Cons - Should I Use Wordpress For My Small Business Website?

Wordpress has become one of the most popular blogging and website development platforms on the planet. Despite its popularity, there are still a number of drawbacks to using Wordpress for your small business website.

In the early 00’s, when L.E.T. Group began developing websites, Wordpress did not exist. Some of our prospects and customers are surprised that we code our own websites and have developed our own content management and marketing platform. In fact, a recent prospective customer asked us: “how are you able to do a website without Wordpress?”

Wordpress has been used for commercial purposes for years. There are many benefits for using Wordpress.

The Pros of Wordpress:

  • Free platform that was originally created for blogs.
  • Easy to install and setup.
  • Many developers are available to install, setup and build Wordpress websites.
  • Easy to install website templates, or “themes”.
  • Easy to make changes to the website using Wordpress control panel.

Traditionally companies will do the following to build their website using Wordpress:

  1. Hire a freelancer.
  2. Work with freelancer to find hosting company which will host the website. Hosting companies are paid monthly or yearly and prices vary from $5 and up monthly.
  3. Work with freelancer to find a theme for their website or create a unique one. The most efficient and responsive templates are not free. Prices can vary from $20 to thousands of dollars.
  4. Freelancer will install Wordpress plugins and extensions to suit their needs. Some plugins are theme-specific.
  5. Website templates usually come with their own Javascript components that most freelancers will not bother to remove if not used. Also some templates come with bad HTML markup which can result in poor search engine placement.
  6. The Freelancer publishes the Wordpress website and moves on.

Let’s take a closer look at why we don’t use Wordpress - The Cons of Wordpress:

The problems begin to happen after the freelancer moves on. Wordpress website development is not a set and forget process. The common problems are:


Wordpress is suited for simple websites. If your website requires custom features, then Wordpress may become the wrong tool to use. You can indeed create almost anything with Wordpress. However in order to do so you will need to apply various Wordpress plug-ins and you will need to make systemic changes to the core of your website, essentially convoluting your website’s code to do something it wasn’t initially intended to. The cost to build and improve your website increases significantly.


Wordpress requires regular updates and many of them are security-related. Failing to install Wordpress security updates, plugins and extensions can leave your website vulnerable to hackers. Keep in mind that Wordpress is an open source project so its code is available to anyone to see and change. Also keep in mind that Wordpress is one of the most popular CMS platforms in the world. As a consequence to their success, this means that Wordpress is also one of the most targeted platforms for malware, hijacking, hacking, etc because there are so many potential targets available. Not only does Wordpress need regular updates, but the server and all the computer programs that makes your website dynamic needs updating. The server OS, web server, database, PHP install, etc, all need regular maintenance to run optimally. But if your freelancer has moved on already then you will not have anyone to monitor these updates when they are needed.

HTML Markup

Bloated HTML markup and inline CSS and Javascript code can cause slow load times and make it difficult for search engines (like Google) to index your website. Google and other search engines often penalize websites with poor HTML markup.


Out of the box, Wordpress websites are not SEO friendly. Your developer will have to install and use plugins or be knowledgeable enough to modify your Wordpress theme for optimization.


It is very important to run frequent backups. It is best practice to run database backups daily and website files at least weekly. Your website going down can cost your business money as well as penalties to your search engine placement. Being able to recover quickly from these types of problems are paramount. Your web host may provide automated backups by default but not all do, and many will bill you extra.

The L.E.T. Group Difference

L.E.T. Group is a full service internet marketing agency. For over 15 years L.E.T. has been helping companies of all sizes in various industries. We design and program beautiful responsive websites, back them up with premium quality support and management, and we ensure your success with proven internet marketing and advertising techniques. Choose from affordable ready-to-go, customizable layouts or go completely custom and start entirely from scratch. We have solutions for every budget. By using our friendly proprietary content management system, making changes to your content and image, toggling features on and off, adding calendar events, creating SEO friendly pages, etc. will be easy and quick. We will take care of the system and CMS updates for you. Our HTML code follows modern best practices. The website code is clean and your website will load fast on virtually any device. In a few weeks, all of the main search engines will notice your website is created the right way...and start rewarding it with an increase in traffic. Open any of the websites listed on the portfolio page of our website at to see the difference first-hand. Get started by submitting a RFP, and let’s get started building your website the right way!