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Drone Video & Photography


High End Drone Video & Photography

Looking for a company that films high-end drone video and aerial photography for businesses?

L.E.T. Group offers drone video to capture great visuals from the air and make any business shine. Our equipment is state of the art to assure all we capture is of the highest quality & we're available to travel to any location and make it happen. Below are samples of our drone video and photography offerings, but we'll work with you to make any drone footage vision into a reality.

Drone Video and Photography for the Hospitality & Restaurant Industries:

Your location's exterior can only be truly showcased from the air. Drone Video is perfect for highlighting all exterior features and amenities of any hotel or restaurant's property. What's captured is a natural fit to enhance all forms of digital marketing. On your website, for example, drone video can be integrated directly into the main page and play automatically to showcase signature features from an entirely new perspective. On social media, it can be added to YouTube and Vimeo to allow anyone's control over video playback. Drone video can also be used for promotional purposes to drive sales. Any hotelier or restaurateur can take advantage of aerial video and photography, and in these competitive markets, it's a must have for digital marketing needs. Put L.E.T. Group's experience to work for you and order your drone video today!


Drone Video and Photography for Golf Courses and Country Clubs:

Separate your course from others with Drone Video. For years, televised golf tournaments have used golf hole flyovers during their broadcasts. Now, the ability to capture golf courses from above with drone video is affordable, and it provides a wonderful way to showcase the course. Drone video captures the essence of what will face most golfers by highlighting shots and hazards they'll face as they play your course. In addition, it gives a great geographic viewpoint of your course's location - whether it is on a coastline, nestled in a marsh, near a city, or on an island. Choose L.E.T. Group for high quality drone-powered videos of golf courses and country clubs...and bring modern technology to the classic game of golf.


Drone Aerial Content For Real Estate Listings:

Today's real estate market is super-competitive, and it's a major priority to find advantages over other area realtors and their online listings. Traditional forms of marketing are transitioning to outlets like social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). Video is seen more frequently on devices like mobile phones and tablets as prospective clients view listings on the go. Step up your real estate game and order drone photography and video from L.E.T. Group. It gives both individual realtors and real estate companies a distinct advantage over the competition.


Additional Drone Video Services:

  • Urban development
  • Restaurant Drone Flyovers
  • South Florida Drone Cell Phone Tower Inspections
  • Roof inspections
  • Film & TV

What's The Next Step?

Harness the power of L.E.T. Group's drone video and aerial photography. Get in touch with us by filling out a Request For Proposal.